Price Beater

We’re happy you found this! We’re committed to offering the lowest prices for Runescape Gold without putting you through any hassle. Using this system not only gets you the cheapest gold – but also the best service to go along with it. There’s no need to take any risks or endure long waits for your gold because you found a better price – with this system our price is always better and you get it with the fastest service!

To use the price beating system, you simply need to select what type of gold you want to buy & then input the URL for the site you want us to beat. We beat 07 prices by 1 cent per mil, and RS3 prices by 0.5 cents per mil.

* We currently only match gold sites that pass a certain threshold in page views. New/extremely small shops may not be picked up by the price beater.
* Price compare is still in beta phase, if you find a bug feel free to report it to live chat.
* A floor price is currently active to prevent third party abuse.


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